Rich Lash & Hair offers you the highest quality luxury 3D Mink lashes and Raw Human Hair.

All of our Mink lashes are handcrafted with care. All of our Raw bundles are single donor, unprocessed, wefted and handpicked.

Our Rich Lash Collection:

Rich Lash offers you the most comfortable, natural to va-voom drop dead gorgeous premium mink lashes. Our Mink lash collection is cruelty free. Because of the quality of our lashes with proper care can be used multiple times.

 Our Rich Hair Collection:

Our Rich Hair team has traveled miles from  Chennai, India to Cambodia and Myanmar (formerly Burma) located in Southeast Asia to handpick the BEST Raw human hair you can ever lay your hands on. Each and every one of our tresses are unique with its own natural curl and wave pattern-not one bundles is the same. Our frontals and closures are also hand made with light brown Swiss lace. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality and to become your one stop shop.

Invest in yourself. Shopping RICH is a Lifestyle. Behind every Rich Girl there's Rich Lash & Hair.